When it comes to tents, the canvas is practically chosen as usage for tent cover material. However with the advance in technology, many other products have been launched which are bringing a competition to the original canvas. Montana canvas is generally referred to the materials, which have been used since traditional times. This material is treated with flame-retardants, water resistance and mildew resistance before they are sold out in the market. Nowadays, they have come up with different weights and shape sizes, which can be afforded by customers as per their need. If you make a feature list of tents, you are sure to include the weight category as it tells you how much you can carry the load.

canvas-innerWeight determination is equally important as the correct choice of material when it comes to purchasing new tents. The present times advertise tents, which weigh differently before and after purchase. You should always go for tents, which meet your needs of the camp journey. A big advantage of using canvas is that, it is 100% cotton and it helps to absorb moisture condensation. This moisture is caused due to drying of clothes or even if you boil water inside the tent. Another advantage can be that it can help in retaining excess heat and the heaviness of canvas can keep your tent still in case of a stormy weather.

If you talk about the varieties of canvas, Montana Canvas should be the one chosen. The blend presents you with a combination of materials, which can leave you mesmerized. The main four walls are made up of the material called Relite and the roof is made of pure canvas. The material called Relite needs no special reference, as it is used for many outdoor activities. This is basically a polyester-based fabric which is lightweight, portable and user-friendly during short journeys.

tent-maintenanceThe main advantage of using this particular tent is that you can easily handle them while setting them up and down. It is completely environment friendly thus bringing no side effects of any kind. It is also resistant to high range ultra-violet rays, which harm tents made out of nylon material. However, you should make sure to dry the tent after usage, as there are chances of a musty smell lingering the tent. You should be aware that by using Relite, Montana Blend reduces the weight of a normal canvas tent by over forty per cent. A breathable roof is provided as pure canvas absorbs moisture and exchange of gases takes place easily.

Maintenance plays an important role when it comes to purchasing new Montana tents. You should make sure that the roof must be properly taken care of. Usually the classic Montana look brings an appealing look to the eye and is chosen later on. Before making your purchase, be aware that the camp material is tested against fire. These tents provide you with good shelter, providing you with the adequate rest after a long day of trekking. Try re-waterproofing the camping tent for long durability for your camping events.