Costa Rica has some of the most amazing natural beauty in the world. Its idyllic scenery and beaches look like paradise. Unfortunately that only tells us part of the story, as the Costa Rican people desperately need help to improve their basic quality of life. You could be part of the solution.

Troubles Beneath The Surface


Costa Rica is genuinely trying its best to be a cleaner, greener country. You might not think it could be suffering from pollution such as air and water quality problems, as the island looks as if it is a lush rain forest meeting a golden beach. Unfortunately the tourist trade it desperately needs for financial reasons leads to much of the pollution. Thankfully, there are now large numbers of selfless volunteers making their way there, to help in a number of areas. One of the most basic and most important is the need for safe housing for the country’s poorest. Home-build projects are top of the list if you intend to volunteer. You may very well be able to help someone own a brand new home, or perhaps give an existing home proper clean water and sanitation for the first time.

Saving The Island From The Tourists


The increase in tourism has let to endangerment for some of the island’s once quiet, peaceful areas and its animal inhabitants. Volunteers are also helping these problems, with schemes in place to help endangered Sea Turtles and other rare wildlife, as well as beach cleaning and water treatment schemes. These are really hands-on experiences where you will literally be saving animals’ lives. This type of scheme is essential for preserving many rare species.

Education Will Be The Answer


One of the most personal and important tasks for volunteers is helping to teach the children of the island in the local schools. Teaching English to these kids could give them valuable skills that can help them to provide for their families when they are older and vastly improve their job prospects. The education system needs all the help it can get and in the long term the best help you can give to Costa Rica is enabling its children to know more and therefore do more to help themselves in the future. Knowledge is the key to Costa Rica’s improved future.

Help Others To Help Themselves


By doing your bit as a volunteer you are facilitating improvements to a whole nation’s way of life. Whilst Costa Rica is already a popular vacation destination, the tourist trade is leaving its mark and it is up to us to help even things out. A week or two spent volunteering will allow you to explore the country, enjoy the natural beaches and get to know the people, all whilst working for a great cause. Why just take a vacation somewhere, when instead you could be helping to shape its future in such a positive way. If you can’t make it as far as Costa Rica, check closer to home. Volunteer holidays are a tremendous way to give something back, whilst still exploring new countries and places.