Bali, the Island of Gods


Bali is known as Indonesia’s 5-star destination. It is not necessarily representative for the country, as a heavily touristic spot can’t be compared to the vastness of the archipelago and the varied sights it provides. Bali is well developed as a touristic place, it is extravagant even in its spirituality – which is also modernized and somewhat fashionable. However, even if Bali seems to be all about luxurious spas, you can still be adventurous here. Go rafting on the river that’s passing through Ubud and admire all that the shores put on display.

Sulawesi and Its Shocking Ancient Ceremonies


In Sulawesi, traditions keep on going unhindered. The most famous and unusual of the traditions here is the one related to funerals. Although the local population in Sulawesi is Protestant, priests won’t perform the rite unless the family completed the ancient funeral rites: all relatives and friends dining together. Everyone must be present, therefore the family waits as long as necessary, and the dead body stays in the house.

Covering the Distance – Not Always a Piece of Cake


If you have to move from one place to another, you may find it a bit challenging. The more informed you are, the easier it will be to actually enjoy the sights in your way and the experiences. Kalimantan with its huge mosque and its monkey, is great to visit, but expect a poorer infrastructure. Many visitors take the bus from here to reach the amazing Derawan Island, but the ride is a bumpy one and takes up to 16 hours. Also, note that Derawan has no roads, just fine sand. Luckily, many Indonesian islands are connected by flights, thanks to many emerging local airlines. This makes it much easier to complete a wider itinerary, given that you can afford the flights.

The Private Paradise


Since we mentioned Derawan, here are just few of the things to enchant one: a starry sky as never seen before, snorkeling opportunities, swimming with turtles, and basically having a small island covered in lush vegetation and fine sand to stroll on. This is what is probably most worthy about Indonesia. You can have a bit of paradise only for yourself, to explore as your heart wishes – freedom, no schedules, no rules, no other tourists to follow.

The Sumatra Matriarchal Communities


If you are interest din ancient ways of living, by all means visit Sumatra. The island hosts some communities that still adhere to matriarchy. The Minangkabau in the green highlands mix the Islam with matriarchy and is the world’s largest society of this kind, while the Acehnese people simply keep a rather matrilineal society. It is unusual for matriarchy to be mixed with a patriarchal religion.

A Home to Dragons


Dragons are said to be not entirely mythical creatures, but actually some remnants of certain dinosaur species. Crocodiles are not just big lizards today, but known as a species that have survived the dinosaurs’ extinction. How about the Komodo dragon? This is another type of such lizard, resembling dragons in many ways, and living only on the Komodo Island, which gave their name.

A Dutch Colony


The Dutch have colonized Indonesia for 350 years, enough time to leave a visible print. Not only that you will encounter samples of European architecture in some of the main cities, but you will also find out that some Indonesians actually speak Dutch, and they can speak it fluently.

A Most Unusual Type of Coffee


Indonesia is famous for its civet coffee. The Asian palm civet is an animal that is fed with coffee berries, and then their feces are being collected to make civet coffee or kopi luwak with a rich flavor but no bitterness. It is the most expensive beverage on the planet.