Cochin is also known as Kochi and is a vibrant city located on the south-west coast of Indian peninsula. It is a part of Ernakulum district in the state of Kerala which actually refers to the mainland of the city. It is known for its breathtaking and scenic beauty and has strategic importance over the years. Informally Cochin is also known as the Gateway to Kerala.


Since time immemorial the British, the Arabs, Chinese, Dutch and the Portuguese have left an inerasable remark on the history and development of Cochin. Today, it has managed to develop as the commercial and industrial capital of Kerala. Perhaps it is one of the most important cities in the west coast of India. It is also proud of its world class port and international airport which links to major cities of the world.

Why to Visit Cochin?


Originally Cochin is a small town but has outgrown its original boundaries and now it includes Cochin, Fort Kochi, Ernakulum, Maatanchery and other adjoining towns and villages. There is no doubt that this city is the starting point for some of the unfathomable beauty and diversity of South India. The place has already been rated among the top three tourist destination by World Travel and Tourism Council and has also been featured in National Geographic Channel in the program ‘50 greatest places to visit in lifetime’.

Know about Cochin Hotels


Cochin hotels offer some of the finest amenities which is sure to attract visitors the second time. Just imagine living in a fancy boat tree in a jungle or floating in a traditional boathouse amidst the gentle sounds of backwaters or cooking a fish which has been caught right in front of your eyes. You get all the luxury of living in the palaces of kings and queens. The best part is that you can also get the opportunity to stay in a 5-star hotel that offers traditional Ayurvedic massages. Do not get scared of burning a hole in your pocket because Cochin hotels are known for their best hospitality services. Some of these hotels are Sajhome, Old Harbour Hotel, Vivanta by Taj-Malabar, Courtyard Kochi Airport, Les 3 Elephants Cherai Beach and others.

Due to its strategic location and commercial importance, Cochin has an extensive travel network and is well connected with rest of the country by rail, road, air and sea. Some of the tourists spot in Cochin are Chinese Fishing nets, Fort Kochi beach, St, Francis church, Vasco House and others.