A trip across America is an adventure in itself. You can take the beaten paths—or you can take the road less traveled, away from the throng of tourists. If you plan to spend your summer vacation in the United States, it will be more worthwhile and interesting to visit places that are not frequented by your usual backpacker.

The US has its share of memorable haunts—from resorts to restaurants, hotels to museums—most of which, you’ve never heard of before. Some of these places are hidden deep in remote towns and some planning will be required so you’ll reach your destination safely. Remember, when you’re in doubt, you can ask for help from reliable travel providers about your itinerary and your travel details. Once you’ve taken care of the must-have’s, here’s a list of some unusual places you should consider visiting:

The Eiffel Tower – Texas Style


According to dialaflight.com, “a road-trip across the USA is a long-established way to experience the best bits of this diverse land.” If you are looking of adrenaline rush adventure, one of the best places to discover and enjoy a road trip is Texas. In fact, it may sound utterly ridiculous but there is a replica of Paris’ Eiffel Tower in Texas. The only difference is that it has a cowboy hat on top. You can also find another one in Tennessee, which was inaugurated in the year 1993.

The Liver-Eating Johnson’s Grave and Statue


This statue stands in Cody, WY in a commemoration of John Garrison’s life and times. Garrison is now known as the Wild, Wild West’s legendary Liver-Eating Johnson. According to legends, Johnson married an Indian woman, who was killed by her fellow Indians for abandoning her tribe. Johnson went on rampage against Indians by killing them and feasting on their livers.

Albuquerque’s Exact Centre


Albuquerque is not only known as the location for the multi-awarded television series Breaking Bad. It is also famous for being the most precise geometric centre of New Mexico, which is according to the geodetic surveyor Cliff Wilkie. Inspired by Wilkie’s efforts, the local Public Art Program in Albuquerque launched a design competition to be put in the epicentre of the city. Yamilette Montoya, an artist from San Miguel won the competition having designed two round iron-forged plaques rife with visual symbolism.

Carhenge in Nebraska


You can see this oddity in Alliance, NE. It is a replica of the popular ancient stone monument in England, but is entirely made out of vintage American cars. It was the work of Jim Reinders for the summer solstice of 1987.