India is a land mixed with various culture and tradition. Here it is probable to find people speaking hundred different languages, following different religion, yet living in a same lane without any diversity. Variety of lifestyle is familiar in India and it is an incredible place for travelers.

Exploring Beautiful and bountiful India is not daunting for foreign travelers if they utilize Indian tourism guide and each steps are made easy with improvement made by tourism industry. Stimulating places of India assures an exciting experience to its travelers.

Travel Guide for Foreign Travelers


An Indian guide for travel is a most excellent option for foreign travelers as they can navigate across the nation without any worries on how to suit with varying culture.

Clothes and Accessories


Travelers must be prepared to take right type of clothing to make the trip comfortable. During summer season, umbrellas, hats and glares are essential to prevent from hot sun, while winter season necessitates use of woolen jackets and woolen wears.

Climatic variations are extreme at each zone and it appears quite mysterious for first time visitors of India. Thorough enquiry can help travelers to enjoy various climates as they come prepare to handle it.

Destinations to Travel


Hundreds of thousands of tourist highlights are present in this sub continent and travelers are surprised to know on the surplus tourist attractions.

Foreign travelers can choose a specific package or choose travel a particular part of India to explore it completely. If preferred point of destination is chosen, thorough research on the place must be done. Mode of travel to reach the place, culture followed, accommodation, food and many others must be decided or known in advance.

Heavy crowd of international travelers are highly witnessed in Delhi and Mumbai airports.

Tourists Choice of Indian Holidays


The magnificent India has many highlights for tourist from snow capped peaks of great Himalayas to water filled kanyakumari each and every destination sounds great.

Many historical monuments are found in India that includes, India Gate, QutubMinar, TajMahal, Red fort, JantarMantar and many others. Several other historical places add charm to this highly populated nation.

Theme tours are also suggested for foreign tourists that focus on beaches, hill stations, and wildlife, heritage and holiday spots.

People of India are so welcoming and if travelers consider on international travel system and plan for it, they can make the trip trouble free and memorable forever.