As children, we’ve all dreamed of traveling to Europe, looking at the amazing locations on travel magazines and even school textbooks. But as you get older, you start to realize how expensive it is to even book a ticket to Paris or Venice. But don’t let your dream be shattered to pieces; with good planning and strategy, you can still make that dream vacation on a budget.

Where Do You Want To Go?


This is the first thing that you should decide on when planning a European trip. The good thing about traveling to Europe is that it is possible for you to travel to various cities in the continent without exerting too much effort. Decide which countries you want to visit first and the places that you want to explore. Visualizing your entire trip can help you in establishing your itinerary. You should also plan out the activities that you are going to do for each location. Europe is a seasonal destination. There are some activities that are enjoyable to do during the summer, while others are perfect for winter. To maximize your planned activities, you must book the perfect season for your travel dates.

Finding Cheap Airfares


There are many reasons why you are traveling, but the idea of traveling shouldn’t stress you out. After you’ve solidified your itinerary, the next thing to do is for you to catch the most convenient time to fly. Back in the day, you had to fall in line at the airline ticketing office and go through all the possible dates with a ticketing agent to find seats. After this, you’d have to repeat the same process for your hotel reservations and go through different establishments who can accommodate you on the dates you will be visiting. The ease of how you can book a flight and your accommodations at the same time through the internet makes you appreciate. Bundling services like flights, hotels and vehicle rentals have an uncanny way of reducing the cost of any trip.

Cheap yet Yummy Food Choices


Web sites like Trip Advisor, Open Table and Urbanspoon give travelers good customer reviews when it comes to cheap dining options in different places. You can still eat good food in Europe without spending too much of your budget. Some restaurants offer lunch specials, so you can take advantage of that. Or if you are staying in a hotel that has a kitchen, you can buy some groceries so you can prepare your own meals for the duration of your stay.