It’s again the time when you eagerly start waiting for that gala sporting event- the FIFA World Cup, and this time it’s the soccer friendly nation of Brazil that is going to host it. Perhaps soccer and Brazil is something that inseparable. Come June 2014, millions of fans across the globe will flock this lovely nation to catch a glimpse of their favorite players and to witness some of the most spectacular matches that will be written down in history. To add more fun and cherish the memories, you can also undertake a tour to various parts of the nation. If you have an idea of the must visit places in Brazil during 2014 World Cup, you will be able to choose the right destinations and have great fun.


Getting to know about the must visit places in Brazil during 2014 World Cup will help you to select the right itineraries and tour packages. Jesse Hall Ski Base can be your one stop guide from where you will get almost all details about the popular tourist destinations in the nation, the tour packages available, the budget, and other important details that are essential to give you a great trip. Brazil is a beautiful country famous for its scenic beauty and diverse culture and tradition. Picturesque beaches covered by cliffs and surrounded by coral reefs, or the great historical monuments, the nation offers everything to make you have a holiday amidst the fanfare of the World Cup.


The must visit places in Brazil during 2014 World Cup includes tourist spots such as Rio De Janeiro, Brasilia, Sao Paolo, and Fortaleza. All these cities are popular tourist destinations and are known for their scenic beauty and cultural charm. A number of sightseeing trips are offered which you can undertake to visit the attractions. Some of the spots are Cidade das Artes, Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Corcovado, Sao Paulo Aquarium, Zoological Park of Sao Paulo, Chapada dos Veadeiros, Caldas Novas, Iracema, Praia do Futuro, and so on.


In addition to sightseeing,, dining and shopping hot spots also rank among the must visit places in Brazil during 2014 World Cup. A wide range of mouth-watering local delicacies are served in local restaurants of these cities, while tourists can shop for a wide range of beautiful local artifacts from the markets and regional shops. Some of the well-known shopping destinations include Granado, Lomography Gallery Store, Casa Oliveira, Conjunto Nacional, and so on.