When you’re looking for cost effective travel insurance, it’s crucial to find deals where you’ll get excellent cover without having to compromise in terms of quality. It’s particularly important to look for cover online, where you can find cheap but good travel insurance that can provide you with both general and specialist policies. Comparing the market as much as possible is also crucial if you’re going to get the most out of your travel insurance. These and other approaches to finding cost effective, high quality travel insurance can be found below:

First, it’s important to make sure that your travel insurance covers the basics for policies, which can involve finding cover for medical expenses, damages as the result of an accident in which you were the guilty party, lost luggage, and travel connection issues. You should also find an insurance provider that can offer emergency hotlines and evacuation plans when you’re travelling, as well as enough of an excess to cover your minimum costs when replacing lost or stolen items


To save money, you’ll need to be able to compare the insurance market to see which companies are willing to offer more specialist deals and low cost quotes. It’s often best to look for direct insurance companies that can enable you to cut out the middle man and broker when getting a policy; getting a quote online can also speed up the process of finding a policy, and can result in more tailored policies that don’t add on extra fees beyond your basic premium payments.

Looking for insurance online can similarly mean you can benefit from rapid changes and updates to policy details, as well as detailed terms and conditions that lay out exactly what level of cover you’re getting. Online insurance agents can similarly offer you options for processing claims through a variety of different methods, and can provide specialist expertise in travel insurance for particular countries and types of activities. For example, if you’re travelling in Singapore or China, you can search for companies that offer policies that take into account local instances of theft and medical expenses.


It’s possible to save money on your travel insurance by making sure that you only pay for what you actually need; this doesn’t mean that you have to cut out essentials, but does mean that you can go through a policy and remove riders that don’t apply to your particular needs. You might also want to focus your premium payments on covering against accidents caused by adventure or extreme sports, as well as for backpacking and skiing holidays.

In this context, it is possible to find great deals on your travel insurance without having to skimp on quality. Taking the time to get a quote from a direct insurer, and avoiding being taken in by one size fits all policies can allow you to tailor your policy and resulting premiums to what you actually need from your trip. Checking through terms and conditions in depth before you travel can then enable you to avoid being tripped up further down the line by exclusions that you weren’t aware of.

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Pat Granger is an expert blogger based in Singapore. He’s always on the look out for cheap but good travel insurance. He’s currently planning a second motorcycle trip around Malaysia.