With the origin of the name from several words according to various legends, Delhi is believed to be derived from the words Dili, Dhillu and Dhilika. It is also known as the National Capital Territory of India. Delhi is the second city in the world that is populous. It serves as a commercial, political and cultural city. It consists of a cluster of cities all over, perhaps the reason why it is also referred to as the City of Cities. As a large city, it offers some of the best restaurants worldwide with amazing cuisines. Here are some of the top restaurants that you can visit whenever you happen to be in Delhi:


This is an attention-grabbing restaurant with the most exquisite décor. It is another sky on earth as everything flashes and glimmers. The décor mainly consists of mirrors, chandeliers, candles and tasteful embellished dome of glasswork. Red bricks build up the place with thick red velvet curtain majestically swaying by its windows. Besides offering a captivating wine list, the restaurant’s menu marries two kinds of cuisines, which are contemporary and traditional. Word of advice, try out the lamb leg dish when you visit this restaurant and you will feel like carrying it home. Opening hours are from noon to close to midnight.

Chor Bizaare

Dining experiences changes in a tremendous way the minute you walk into this restaurant. It leads your curiosity to the next level with eclectic display of items that emanate an antique ambience. For their menu, the North Indian cuisine is the catchiest thing and better still, they offer a walk tour after having lunch. The price for food is pocket-friendly and inviting. Here is a heads-up, inquire about the dishes for ‘Wazwan festival’ and you will have yourself the best treat.


Punjabi By Nature

Ever had of vodka gol gappas? Well, this is the place to get this uniquely created drink to lighten you up as you wine and dine. The atmosphere is warm and calm to ensure you have the time of your life as you enjoy cuisines that are generously served. Punjabi attires are common in this place as every waiter who will serve has one on to complement the restaurant’s theme. Additionally, there is a bar on the upper floor. This restaurant is situated in a shopping complex meaning if you want to go for a shopping spree, you may stop by and have something nice before moving on with your agenda. Best treats to find here are the vodka gol gappas, roast lamb leg and the naan bread.


This is a place that you will come over and osver again because of its indelible cuisine, rustic ambience and high quality customer service. Other resorts near Delhi definitely look up to this restaurant as an exemplary service provider. Therefore, if you feel like splashing some cash come to Bhukara and get the best treats such as the Bhukara kabab and Murgh malai kabab if you truly love kababs. They offer black lentils referred to as Dal Bhukara. The lentils are simmered overnight with garlic, ginger and tomatoes. You will absolutely enjoy yourself when you come here. The opening hours are from noon to past midnight.

Therefore, as you move around Delhi for whatever reason, take a moment and look out for any these restaurants. You will not regret any choice you make.

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Darwin Brown is renowned writer who posts blogs on the best restaurants in the world. His blog will reveal to you more about restaurants and resorts near Delhi that offer exclusive services and unforgettable cuisines.