Egypt is rich in history and culture, with vast desert dunes, tropical coral reefs and stunning pyramids; the country is perfect for travellers and families. Egypt holidays are becoming increasingly popular due to the incredible diving sites, all easily accessible from Sharm El Sheikh.

Diving for Everyone


From coral reefs to ship wrecks, the Sharm El Sheikh on the Red Sea in Egypt offers some of the world’s top diving spots. The area boasts over 30 sites for beginners to more seasoned divers to explore. The vast array of diving options for all the family make Sharm El Sheikh a great choice for Egypt holidays to be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.

Many of the diving sites local to the area are sheltered from waves and currents, so they are great for children to be introduced to diving and learn the basics in a safe environment. There are many experienced instructors and tour guides available to help make your diving holiday a happy and memorable one.

Some of the most popular diving sites are the wreckages of the SS Thistlegorm and SS Dunraven. The SS Thistlegorm is regarded as one of the elite wreckage diving spots in the world, and many divers make the trip to Egypt just for this one experience.

SS Thistlegorm


The vessel was a British merchant ship during WW2 and came into trouble in 1941 when she was attacked by enemy airplanes. The bombing resulted in an explosion which saw the ship be completely torn in two. The vessel was packed with trucks, rifles and ammunitions as it was awaiting to re-stock the British Army base in Alexandria. Many of these items can be seen at the wreck during your dive. The wreck of the SS Thistlegorm is heaven for wreckage enthusiasts, and can be easily reached by boat from Sharm El Sheikh.

SS Dunraven

The SS Dunraven is another great wreckage diving site. This was a Victorian ship carrying supplies from India, which allegedly sunk in 30m of water at the hands of it’s drunken captain. It has been underwater since 1876 but was not discovered until 1977, just over a century later.

The Straits of Tiran and The Ras Mohammed National Park


Other great diving spots to explore during your Egypt holidays are The Straits of Tiran, located between the Island of Tiran and the north coast of Sharm El Sheikh, and the Ras Mohammed National Park.

Both of these spots feature an abundance of fish and coral reef. The most popular reefs at the Straits of Tiran are the Thomas and Jackson reefs. This is a great site for a family of divers at different ability levels as the reefs offer something for everyone.

The Thomas reef is popular among seasoned divers due to it’s deep canyon, while more recreational divers will enjoy the beauty of the Jackson reef. Any lovers of fish wishing to explore during their Egypt holidays will want to be sure to visit the Ras Mohammed National Park, ranked among the top ten diving sites in the world. Look out for bat fish, snapper, barracuda, tuna and unicorn fish, as well as the larger breeds of shark which prey on them during the summer months.