Italy is home to people with strong character, must-try food and rich history and these are the reasons a lot of travelers around the world don’t miss to spend a holiday here. Those who have gone to Italy couldn’t help but think of pizza, love, canals, pasta, ancient Rome, beauty and art even while they are back to their home land. Truly, there is something about the country that people can appreciate.

Setting Foot in Milan to Know Italy’s Sense of Style

Milan is filled with plenty of tourists but still holds Italian history and culture. The country has so much charisma and character about this city and a lot of aspects about it draw travelers here. People in Milan have their own sense of style. As a fashion capital, people tend to use a mix of everything allowing everyone to express their freedom.

Shopping in Italy


It is not always cheap to shop in Italy especially in the heart of the cities. The southern regions, however; is famous for its reasonable priced items. If a traveler is in a budget and would only want to shop for specific items, it is best for him to find a store in the city that provides what he wants. The northern part of the country usually offers more expensive products but they are all quality and worth the price. The location of the store mainly affects the prices of the items on display.

There are plenty of items that travelers can shop in Italia which include leather goods, ornaments and wines. When shopping, it’s a good idea to look for sales which usually occurs after a holiday season. Manufacturers open their shops from Monday to Saturday until 8 pm. Travelers can find a good place to shop and check for items for sale to save money on within their shopping budget. If they are looking for elite footwear and apparel, Rome is the best place to go which is famous for its designer boutiques. Many locals; however, would prefer to shop in the stores and markets far from the centre of the city where goods are also of high quality at lower prices.

Available Travel Accommodations


Hotels are the most popular tourist accommodations in Italy. While there are chain hotels to choose from, travelers can prefer a more rustic and country inn. Around Venice, Locandas are particularly popular.

A pensione is a small boarding house or hotel. Historically, this was famous for travelers to eat and share bathrooms with the owners of the house. This type of accommodation is still available but not as popular as it was before. Off the interstate are motels which become more common spots to stay.

Normally, day hotels are situated outside the country’s railway stations. Guest can enjoy shower facilities, telephones, hair dresses and restrooms which are not offered to guests paying for overnight accommodations. Moreover, non-conventional accommodations in Italy include luxury Italian villa rentals. Travelers who want a more relaxed vacation in areas such as the Amalfi coast, Tuscany and the Italian Lakes should choose to rent a villa.