Brazil has some cool coasts that are very appealing and captivating among tourists. There are numerous beautiful beaches with great tropical shores that cover the 7,500 kilometer shoreline of Brazil. Travelers never miss the chance of visiting the beautiful beaches in Brazil that exude unique and magnificent views that you should not take for granted when touring the country. Here are the coolest costs in Brazil that for tourists to visit.

The Bahia Coast


The 1,000 km coasts of Bahia is one that offers a colorful coast full of surf villages, beach bars, chic hotels and beautiful resorts that are visited frequently by popular celebrities and models. The coast has the hidden gems full of tropical life, marine life, turtles on the shore and whales on the sea. The locals like to take a getaway vacation at the Bahia Coast for a good reason. There are many desert islands at the coasts that are not even included in the map yet with empty bays where you can walk along for long hours of relaxing moments. The Bahia Coast has revealing places to discover and offers most tourists a perfect place to enjoy a private and relaxing encounter with nature and peaceful beaches.

The Coast of Copacobana


This is Rio de Janeiro’s one of the coolest beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean. Always packed with crowds, the two and a half mile coast is flanked by mountains with superb view of beautiful high rise hotels. You will love the mosaic covered promenade along the beach which is a perfect place to go walking or on a leisure stroll. The beachgoers are always enticed to enjoy basking on the sun and surfing the turquoise waters of the beach. Visit to find travel assistance to maximize your travel experience to the Copacabana beach.

Fernando de Noronha

This is a beach paradise along the north east coast of Brazil. The marine and coastal areas of Fernando de Noronha are well preserved and located 354 km offshore the Brazilian Coast. There are 21 islets and islands along its coast with unique beauty of beaches that are great for swimming. This is a cool coast in Brazil where you can enjoy a plethora of marine life like sharks and different species of fishes, turtles and octopuses.

Baia Do Sancho


The beach of Baia Do Sancho has lush green cliffs and pristine waters located at the Fernando de Noronha off in the Brazilian coasts. You can find some exotic fishes and crystal clear waters that are very popular among divers and snorkelers. Sea turtles are also living in the coast. The Baia Do Sancho beach is hailed as one of the top beach destinations in the world where visitors can enjoy the thrill of descending through the tall and steep staircase in order to get to the island coasts.

Ilha Do Campeche

From the south eastern coast of Brazil is one of the coolest beaches that offer travelers the opportunity to enjoy sightseeing at secluded coves and explore the dark green Atlantic forest. The island has very natural views to adore such as its stunning beaches, petroglyphs or carved stones. This is a coast that is a popular stopover of cruise ship and yachts.