Does your family have a thirst for adventure or an aversion to boredom? Finding ways to fulfill your need for fun challenges and playful downtime can be difficult when the options for fun new experiences start to dwindle. The internet provides many activities for kids and parents to turn to, but sadly games and videos only pull families further away from in-person interaction and invigorating use of your bodies, which were meant to move. Real life pursuits can pose their own challenges since doing something that both parents and children will find engaging and enjoyable involves its own special balancing act. Luckily there are exclusive opportunities for your clan. One fun thing to do for the adventurous at heart is to try out the new, exciting sport of heli skiing.


What is heli skiing? Essentially heli skiing is regular skiing but participants are brought to more exotic and exclusive skiing locations through the use of safe helicopter tours. The heli skiing excursion has many benefits available to anyone interested in signing up for this opportunity. The lush powdery snow that covers the mountains provides the perfect off-track downhill surface to make skiing feel natural and uninhibited by limits, line, and people placed at a typical ski resort. Another one of the many great things about this sport is the tour that leads up to the top of the mountain. Many people would pay just for the views you get by ascending the pristine Canadian mountain ranges – not to mention the one-of-a-kind skiing experience they get on the way down! One other value of heli skiing that parents may enjoy is the natural exclusive remoteness of the locations used by companies like Bella Coola Heli Skiing; all you have to do is visit their website for more information on the best heli skiing trips. Families can enjoy their bonding experience undisturbed as they play together on the smooth downhill slopes.

Contrary to popular belief, this sport is not extremely difficult to master. Some experience with skiing will make the experience more fulfilling but any intermediate and advanced skiers will find the transition and learning curve involved in mastering this sport both exciting and fulfilling. A company like Bella Coola will make sure to have all the bases covered, being able to accommodate the skill levels of everyone in their group and keeping abreast of conditions on the mountain before you head up. Knowing what different conditions that mountain may have before hand will also make the process feel less intimidating for anyone who is hesitant to step up to the challenge.

Once everyone is comfortable though, you will be amazed at the many ways your family will bond closer together from trying this breathtaking experience. From the intimate ride to the top of the mountain that will fill everyone with excitement and anticipation to the trip downhill that will your entire group a sense of accomplishment and success. Heli skiing is fun, unique, and may be the perfect opportunity to nourish the spirit of adventure in your household.