San Diego is one of the party cities in United States. It is one of the major cities in the province of California and it is ranked to be in 8th position in the list of major cities in United States. Located in the shores of Pacific Ocean, this city enjoys a number of luxuries from Mother Nature. According to Frank Dellaglio, this city is attracting many visitors towards it, where the numbers are extending beyond limit every year without any degradation in the count. It is a best place to spend quality time with loved ones. With its prime location in the shores of Pacific Ocean, this city hosts many tourism activities that are based on the exploitation of beauties of the blue water surrounding the city. Five impressive outdoor activities that people should not miss during their visit to San Diego are as follows:


  • High speed water biking
  • Kayaking
  • Brief walk on the shores of San Diego during sun rise and sun set
  • San Diego sea world
  • San Diego zoo and safari park

Although there are many kind of tourism activities available that are based on exploring the beauties of sea, water biking is one of the rarest thing to be found in most of the tourism places. As per Frank Dellaglio, San Diego is one of the places where people can experience the thrill of riding on a high speed water bike that can cut half the mass of water in rocket speed. Kayaking is an equally thrilling experience like going in water bikes. Most people prefer kayaking more than water bike since it costs less than the previous one. Since it is less complex than water bike and also safer, now most of the tourists prefer kayaking. Surfers are also found across the shores of San Diego, but only experienced surfers are allowed to do surfing, not all.


The Pacific Ocean that is surrounding the city itself is a great source of amazement. It will be a beautiful experience to walk for me on the shores of San Diego and to enjoy the beauties of the endless water and the sun that is adjoining to the water. Sun set and sun rise in San Diego will be beautiful to watch. There is a world famous sea world present in San Diego that hosts various events that are based on sea animals. The San Diego zoo is also attracting many tourists through their safari services.