Florence cannot remain from the eyes of most tourists who are artists or love art. This is for a simple reason that the town is known for its excellent masterpieces that never fails to attract even those who are not fond of art and its detailed ornamental aspects. If you are deciding to tour Italy with your artistic family, never exclude Florence from the luxury Italy tours in case you wish to take back some most opulent memories home.

While your kids are in cafes or are taken care by the trip organizers, it is an exciting experience for the other family members to dedicate that time in exploring the Florence art galleries. In case you run short of time or interest, you can consider exploring the following masterpieces in case of touring all art galleries. Although they cannot be an alternative to full gallery tour, they can at least impart knowledge about the worldwide famous art works of the town.

Michelangelo’s ‘David’

This David is the one whom we associate with Goliath and a slingshot. He is the one who felled a giant with a small stone and the savior of the little man. This amazing statue of David in white marble is the brainchild of Michelangelo, the Renaissance artist who also contributed to the Sistine Chapel.

Previously, it was outside on the square but all the astonishing voices speaking together were disturbing the neighbors, and that the weather was damaging it too. Today, it is within the Academia Gallery that you are suggested to explore early in the morning or before closing time to prevent standing in queues as well as relish the artwork without any push.

Brunelleschi’s Dome

Yes, this is the famous Duomo of Florence. Okay, this is not in a gallery but in an open space and is among the central masterpieces of the town. A soaring 348-foot high and stunning red against the marble in white composing the Santa Maria basilica and a blue sky above makes the dome architecturally brilliant.

As a tourist, you can enjoy viewing a beautiful fresco in the interior from a balcony as well as enjoy the spectacular views of the town along with the nearby Tuscany and beyond. However, for this, you need to climb over 460 steps through a sheer, narrowed spiral staircase.


Oh, yes! This is another David by Donatello, which might resemble to that of Michelangelo. For comparing the two sculptures, just step into the Bargello Museum. Well, here you will two David sculptures by the same artist, one in bronze and one in marble. Of the two, the bronze one looks more appealing. This one is a big effigy of young David with no clothes but a helmet on head and a calm victory appearance, with tiny foot on Goliath’s giant head. Take it up as a small brainstorming game to find out the difference or resemblance between the Renaissance works of Michelangelo and Donatello.

Check out these three works, especially if you are going for the first time or have never seen them!