As a woman, traveling alone in Australia creates an extensive experience that you will definitely love. Many women would love to travel sole to “Down Under” but for one reason or the other they feel uncomfortable on the idea. However there are always superb ways of overcoming this fear. To get started, you need to do it by getting out of your comfort zone and follow your instincts to get on the go. The following is an important list of valuable and essential tips that will guide you on your first solo travel experience in Australia.

Pack Essential Stuff

Your backpack or suitcase ought not to weigh more 11 kg, hence you should ensure to only pack them with essential items. Pack only the some private belongings that you can’t do without and leave what you can purchase in Australia at home. What is very vital and crucial is bathing suits, comfortable walking shoes and a pair of good sandals.

Stay in Hostels

Australia has thousands of hostels for you to choose from and they are of great value depending on your choice. If you opt to stay in hotels, it is very rare to find any of them with single rooms available. Hence, you will end up paying more for single rooms supplement that vary from hotel to hotel, the average being 25-30% charge, which is totally not worth paying. Hostel booking can easily be done online on the website of most hostels and you can simply call them to enquire whether there is any room available. Try as much as you can to stay in female sex hostel and avoid mixed sex hostels. Don’t stay in a male sex hostel unless you really know the being accommodated there.

Keep in Touch

Try as much as possible to let your friends/family know and understand your travel destinations and travel routes in Australia by keeping in touch. You can do this by regularly sending them an e-mail or calling them on phone. It is very advisable and wise to have an international card for your phone that is quite cheap to buy. With the card, you will be able to make calls to USA and Europe for at $10 for close to six hours.

Avoid Remote Areas at Night

Though Australia is generally a safe haven, it would be wise of you to avoid being alone in remote areas especially at night or just before dawn. This can either be outside the urban areas or in cities. Do not visit outback areas alone for the sake of your security and well-being.

Scan your Documents

These include a copy of your passport, heath insurance card, ID, Australian ETA visa among others in a Word Document. Keep the scanned documents in your e-mail as they could be useful in the event of necessity. Make use of the digital technology instead of having hard copy documents in your suitcase as this can be quite insecure. You can scan the documents at any time you want from your email box to avoid carrying too much paper work with you.