If you didn’t know, Serbia is among the most exciting new destinations in Europe. As a tourist area, it has a very long tradition. There are lots of amazing places to visit and amazing things to see. It has plenty of natural attractions and this makes it known as the jewel of Europe. Some of the things that one can find in this area include; plains, forests, high mountains, beautiful caves and many more. Any real admirer looking for beautiful nature and wilderness always have a place in Serbia.

Devils Town

This a major attraction in the world. This is a strange place with strange forms and also a strange name. It boasts stone capped, spindle- shaped pillars which are also known as soil pyramids in science. It has 220 soil figures which came into existence as a result of soil erosion. The place is named after its strange appearance which is very rare. Erosion has continually being taking place leading to formation of new features and the disappearance of some old features. This makes this place an amazing place which attracts lots of tourists.


Djerdap Gorge

This is a natural phenomenon which was formed by the breakage of the Danube River and the Panonian Sea. It is formed by 4 gorges which are the; upper gorge, veliki, Gospodjinski Vir and Mali Kazan and 3 valleys which are; Ljupkovska, Donjemilanovacka and Orsavka. There are fortresses at both ends of the gorge. There are lots of things to see and this makes it an amazing attraction in Serbia.

Petnica Cave

This cave is found in the western part f Serbia. It is at the bottom of a high limestone cliff and it is 500 meters long. It has several lost rivers and has strong springs which flow out and are known as Banja. It consists of rich archaeological deposits with the remains of Ice Age fauna. It was inhabited by the Paleolithic man. It attracts lots of cavers and natural explorers from countries. It is an amazing place that most tourists visit.


This is the largest city the capital of Serbia. There are lots of things to see while in this city which include; visiting the Kalemegdan Fortress, the statue of the winner, and many more. The city has numerous towns which have great and amazing features for one to see when they visit.

Avala Mountain

This great mountain is located in the south- eastern corner of the Belgrade city. It is a low type of the pannonian island mountain which is built of limestone, magmatic rocks and serpentinite which are injected in the form of a cone. There is an Avala tower which is located on Avala Mountain. This Avala tower is used by lots of tourist to have a view of the Belgrade city.

What else can be amazing than visiting these 5 great places? One should make a point of visiting these places and see the amazing features the places have to offer.