Australia is blessed with mesmerizing beauty, immense adventure and vast horizons. Travel aficionados consider it as an ultimate travel gateway because it caters to everyone ranging from astute luxury-seeker to rough-hewed backpacker. Before you visit Australia, it is sensible to know everything.

Tourism Australia

Australia has six states and 2 territories. Each state has its personal tourism website. Here you will find –

  • Thematically organized listings
  • State-specific maps
  • Travel information
  • Accommodation links
  • Transport links


Crime rate in Australia is not high according to world standards. Using ATM in daylight and wearing jewellery in public is not a risk, but pick pocketing is an issue in major tourist areas like beaches. Tourist women can move around safely, but wisely avoid empty beaches, quiet streets at night and isolated areas.

Eating Out

Gastro-curious tourist can enjoy food festivals, vineyards, local delicacies and produce market. English is a global language, but in Australian restaurants it may fail because here ‘entrée’ means appetizer, ‘chooks’ are chickens, French fries are ‘hot chips’ and for ketchup request for ‘tomato sauce’.


Gamuts of lodging alternatives are available around Australia.

  • Country hotels
  • Farm stays
  • B&B
  • Small town pubs
  • Serviced apartment
  • Backpacker’s dorm
  • Caravan
  • 1 to 5-star hotels

Landscapes, Waterfalls and Beaches

Landscapes consist of low plateaus sectioned by rugged fourth longest mountain range – Great Dividing Range. North Australia consists of rainforest, Savannah grassland and merges in Red Centre deserts. To the south is Tasmania a mountainous island.

Australia is surrounded by sea on all sides. It has huge coastline of 37,000 km and 11,011 beaches. Significant coastline features that are popular include –

  • Great Barrier Reef (Largest Reef – 2000 km)
  • Fraser Island (largest sand island – 144 km long and 25-50 km wide)
  • The Twelve Apostles (Unusual rock formation emerging from the ocean and standing up to 100 m over sea level)
  • Ningaloo Reef (Extraordinary coral qualities, whale, shark and unusual marine species appear here)

New South Wales consists the waterfall way. It is a picturesque drive through 7 national parks. Tasmania’s waterfalls are spectacular.

In great mountains and tablelands cascades are located within lush vegetation descending from highlands to coastal plains.

Australia has abundant nature and if outback, rainforest and beaches are not your thing then the major cities are vibrant destinations. For more information visit –

Musical life in Australia

The country’s top orchestra is regularly hosted in Melbourne and Sydney. The cities are famous worldwide for live music events. The venues range from leading music hosting places like ‘The Forum’ to Fitzroy’s backstreet pubs.

South Australia is called the ‘Festival State’. Most cities also put up local and international DJs. Venues range from grandiose super clubs to modest party palaces. Pop and rock acts are also part of Australia’s world tours along with several music festivals enjoyed all around the year.

Shopping in Australia

Souvenir items include the excellent local wines, clothing, leather, wool, sheep skin products, precious stones, art sculpture, paintings, artworks, artefacts, didgeridoos, boomerangs and many other items grab your attention. However, make certain that you purchase an authentic item.

Travelling the entire Australia destination in one trip is impossible. The country sampled unrushed is better. The Uluru, Great Barrier Reef and Opera House are the limelight but are the smallest portion of overall appeal.