Sri Lanka is a wonderful place with lots of greenery and beaches, and of course luxury hotels located in various locations that you’ll enjoy. Most hotels in Sri Lanka provide services like Massages, Spas and Steam bath, to make your stay memorable. Sri Lanka is filled with stylish romantic retreats where the couples can enjoy their stay. Below are some of the hand-picked hotels in different regions of Sri Lanka that are worth staying with your partner or family:

The River House in Balapitiya

Balapitiya is a beautiful place with lots of greenery. It is located in the southern province of Sri Lanka. Balapitiya is just 2 hours’ drive from the capital city of Colombo. The River House is a marvelous hotel worth visiting in this region. The area is located on the Ocean-side with lots of greenery, letting you explore in the amazing beauty. The river house looks secluded right in the middle of the jungle which excites you just by the thought.


If you love the oceans and the sun of Sri Lanka, then Bentota has everything that you are looking for. Located in the west coast of Sri Lanka, Bentota is one of the most visited spot of the beach lovers. You will find the amazing Paradise road The Villa Bentota in this region. This luxury hotel has a slight scent of the ocean giving it a natural touch to it. The beach in this area is immaculately maintained, since most of the luxury hotels are located here. If you ever get a chance to go south-west of Sri Lanka, then you must drive down to Bentota. The silver trail to the beach from the hotel lures you to take a warm dip in the warm blue waters of the ocean.


A jaw-dropping fortress can be found with amazing colonial history right in the heart of the cosmopolitan Galle. This place has some amazing hotels where you could enjoy the view and explore the place at the same time. Here you would find luxury hotels like the Kahanda Kanda and the Amangalla. The ambiences of these hotels are so inviting right from the moment you enter that you feel welcomed. After a good swim and vetted appetite the aroma of freshly grilled seafood tempts you to push aside your strict diet and gorge into the lovely array of splendlessly arranged tables weighed down by the variety.


Kandy was the royal capital of Sri Lanka and home to some of the best festivals of Sri Lanka. Kandy is a place where you would find the running heart of the hill country of Sri Lanka. In Kandy, you will find old hotels that were built by the Dutch. Clingendael is one of the best hotels to visit in this area. If you aren’t willing to barge in so much, then you could also stay at the Kandy house which is also a luxury hotel but has a different style. Sri Lanka is definitely a place worth visiting during your winter break. Apply Sri Lankan visas to visit these Hotels.