India is a place of many cultures, many weathers and many adventures. You should plan your trip in such a way that you most, if not all, of these places. So, let’s take a look at things to do and the places to visit first.

1. Bombay and Beaches

Bombay, now known as Mumbai, is the film city of the country. And, it is also the commercial hub. There are many historic places, amusement parks, luxury hotels, but the most amazing part is the beaches. Juhu beach, Marine drive and Chowpatty are the most popular. Besides the beaches, you should also visit Elephanta caves, Gateway of India, Essel World, etc.

2. Hill Stations

Most of the Indians are obsessed with hill stations, probably because there are so many of them here and all of them are extremely beautiful. You will also find places like Kullu-Manali and Nainital very exciting. And Kashmir is absolutely mesmerising. But go there only when you have proper free time. You will not be able to grasp the whole beauty of Kashmir in a day or two. This place is so magical that after spending some time here, you start finding a place to buy rent property for travellers.

3. Indian Festivals

If the Indian government declares a holiday on every small or big festival of the country, probably no one would have to work anymore. Because the people of so many different religions and cultures reside here, the country sees hundreds of festivals.

4. Spicy Food

India is famous around the globe for its spices and spicy food. You should definitely try at least the most popular spicy dishes. And for the most spices dishes, you need to visit Rajasthan.

When you have decided the places to be visited, you need to plan the following things.

Route: India is a large country and some of the parts are not very well connected. So you need to plan your route in such a way that you get bus or train easily. Also make sure that you keep a margin of a couple of hours between travelling, because trains can be late.

Arrangements: Book your taxi, bus tickets or railway tickets before you leave for India. Try to opt for government transport wherever possible. Private transport can be unreliable sometimes. Also, book your place to stay. Try out find the place that is close to the tourist destinations.