Gothenburg, also known as little London, is a city that has always offered justice to its nickname. The wonderful and award winning seafood restaurants, successfully flourished cafe culture, top class restaurants that serve exclusive dishes, etc, has made this city to be nicknamed as little London. However, this city is also famous for its tallest rollercoaster, breath taking suburban archipelago, and art museum etc, which is not found anywhere in England.

If you are planning to visit the place during weekends, then there are many ways to keep yourself entertained here. Some are listed below.

Museums and Galleries

Gothenburg art galleries and museums exhibit wonderful collections of Nordic Art to inspire the young artists bring out unique and excellent art collections. The collections of art belonging to top class artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Munch, Francis Bacon, etc, are often exhibited here.

The art collections in the galleries and museums are differentiated according to the country of their origin. The total area of three floors cover exhibition of the paintings and portraits belonging to Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, etc, artists and these paintings are also differentiated according to the year of their origin.

If you love spending your time admiring the beauty of ancient arts, then these galleries will never disappoint you. The wonderful a wide collection of artefacts belonging to ancient era, starting from 17th or 18th century till date, is exhibited here.

Restaurants and Cuisines

Most parts of the Gothenburg city are bordered by sea. This has made it possible for the Gothenburg chefs to exhibit their art in creating dishes with seafood as the basic ingredient. The city is also known for its hotels and restaurants that serve delicious and tasty seafood dishes. Every tourist guide whom you hire never fails in taking you to this wonderful world of seafood restaurants before your departure from the city.

The seafood selling markets and fish market that are found lining along the shores are built in the year 1870s to encourage anglers and seafood sellers. Many unique fish types and crustaceans available here has made the name of these markets reach far and wide.

Nightlife and Bars

If you love partying during weekends, then no other destination can offer best nightlife clubs and bars like Gothenburg city. The bars and clubs are geared according to the visitors, who like their drinks, simple or straight or mild or even strong. Cocktail bars, pubs and clubs that serve beers are not abundantly found here since most of the visitors here prefer enjoying alcohol and wine than the other alcoholic beverages.

Shoppers Stop

Gothenburg takes pride in hosting biggest shopping malls and complexes when compared with the ones that are found in the other cities. Many retail shops, exclusive dealers of clothing, accessories and jewelleries belonging to top class brand names, etc, are available to make your shopping experience here, friendly and hassle free. There are many roadside stores, where you can buy the clothing and accessories that are quite famous around Gothenburg.

You can enjoy your stay in this city during the weekends to the fullest and all thanks to the shopping malls, nightlife clubs and pubs, etc. You can even opt for renting car or bikes from the local Automobile hyrbil Landvetter Services.