Why Turkey? Apart from the fact that Holiday Mate has much to offer in the way of great price, quality, bargain holidays, here are a few more reasons to visit this beautiful land full of Eastern promise.

Firstly the cost, we all love a bargain and Turkey is a great place to grab a bargain holiday, quality at affordable prices. Amazingly cheap holidays to Turkey not only can you save money on your holiday you can also save in resort. Turkey stands outside of the Euro Zone with great exchange rates against the pound. This means you get much more for your money whilst on holiday. Treat the whole family to fine food and drink, be it from a street side kebab stall or award winning restaurant, either way you will get much more for your money, stretching your pound against the Turkish Lira.

Secondly, Variety – Turkey claims to have something for everyone, and it really does. Ideal for families, couples, singles or groups. Paragliding for the daredevil, lazy sun soaked days on the beach, jeep safari for the adventurous and a day on the sea with a boat trip for the nautical amongst us, not forgetting the local Pazaar for the bargain hunters. Whatever your taste, Turkey guarantees to deliver.

Cuisine – Turkish cuisine is now world famous and once you have tasted the delights of Turkey you will agree wholeheartedly. Turkey is built on a rich land of fields, farms, orchards, flocks and fishing and the Turkish cooks and chefs take full advantage of this bounty providing the most mouth-watering cuisine you will ever taste.

The People – In Turkey there is no such word as stranger. Almost everyone will greet you with open arms ready to stuff you to the gills with the aforementioned cuisine and smother you with their unrivalled hospitality. Friends for life, you could return years later and these kind hearted, but sometimes hot headed, people will remember you.



Turkey is home to more than 20 different civilisations, with its 10,000 year-old heritage, much of which is still being unearthed today. Its rich history is a must see, you don’t have to be a museum buff to enjoy the sights and sounds of ancient Turkey visiting temples, ancient theatres, mosques, tombs, statues of gods, palaces and fortresses.

Now no excuses! We have given you plenty of reason to travel turkey with holidaymate and enjoy every moment of your tour. Why not browse our web site, we have so many options to chose from, or better still call us on our dedicated sales line and speak to an advisor who has the knowledge at Visa for Turkey and hand to piece together your dream holiday.
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