Moving isn’t an easy process for anyone. The entire moving process throws your life into chaos, from the packing to the unpacking and everything in between. It can be difficult to know how to handle certain aspects of the move. One such situation is whether to tip your moving company or not. There is no one hard and fast rule about tipping Montreal movers. It depends on a number of factors. Below is a guideline to help you to determine when it is appropriate to tip your moving company.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that tipping is strictly optional in the moving industry. Movers do not automatically expect to get tips; it’s not like the food-service industry, for example. That said, tips are always appreciated and will always be gratefully accepted.

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There are times when tipping your moving company is definitely in order. Just as you would tip a server for exceptional service, you should also consider tipping a moving company who provides you with exemplary service. This could come in the form of providing additional services free of charge or simply being particularly friendly and helpful during the move. Whatever you feel goes above and beyond the call of duty is something that should probably warrant a tip. Tips are generally in order for things like:

Punctuality: Did the movers arrive on time and work efficiently and effectively? Did they deliver your belongings to your new home when they said they would?

Care for your belongings: Did the movers take particular care when moving your items? Some movers think of their jobs as just a job, whereas others will treat your belongings as if they were their own. Tipping is a good way to thank movers for treating your items with care and respect.

Friendly, helpful staff: Nothing is as annoying as having to deal with grouchy, gruff or just plain rude staff. If a moving company’s staff goes above and beyond to be friendly and helpful to you, that is something that could warrant a tip.

If you do decide to tip your movers, a flat-rate tip is always appropriate. Unlike at a restaurant where a tip is based on a percentage of your total bill, tipping a moving company is generally done by flat rate based on how long they worked with you. If the move took a whole day, it’s not out of the question to tip $20. For a half-day, $10 is not unusual. Of course, the actual amount is entirely up to you. Use your discretion when determining how much to tip, based on the quality of the service you received. Again, tipping is entirely voluntary in this industry, but always very welcome. Don’t feel obligated to tip if you did not receive the level of service that warrants it. You are only responsible to pay the agreed-upon fee and nothing else above and beyond. Tips are designed to reward exemplary service.