Everyone dreams of a big fat and lavish wedding. It is one of the most important and a top priority event for which a man and woman plans for a long time. Perhaps, most of us starts dreaming about an exotic wedding experience and if in real life it happens to be a summer, beach and destination wedding, then the venue becomes an icing on the cake. Though, destination weddings are a real extravagant affair as well as a damn expensive matter but the notion is gradually changing and the demand and wish for a destination wedding has seen an all-time boom in recent times. Also, with the summer round the corner, various exotic hospitality organizations are offering attractive wedding and honeymoon packages not only in terms of price but also in terms of various exciting services and entertainment perks. Costa Rica has always topped the chart worldwide as an attractive, exotic and exquisite tourist destination and in recent times has also become one of the most sought after destination wedding venue.

Punto de Vista is a popular and reputed exotic luxury beach resort which offers exciting beach wedding and honeymoon packages for the couple to be and newlyweds. Details can be found on their website-http://www.puntodevistacr.com/. Punto de Vista is situated in San Juan in Costa Rica and offers a wide range of entertainment services alongside with an attractive discount for the clients. This includes- complimentary beauty and spa services for the couple, private indoor dining arrangement, special provisions for elderly guests, an assorted and exotic collection of foods and drinks for the guests along with the wedding cake, tented accommodations, and many more. Now, let us have a look at some useful tips that will come handy in planning a perfect beach wedding at Punto de Vista in San Juan Costa Rica.

Tip #1 : Booking Arrangements

This is a very crucial tip. While you plan your exotic and extravagant beach wedding in Punto de Vista, it is highly recommended that you travel atleast a week ahead of your wedding to Costa Rica and to Punto de Vista to make sure and look after whether all the arrangements are all well in place as specified by you and your partner. Make sure to communicate and interact with staff at Punto de Vista so that they understand your needs and wishes and are able to execute everything as per your wish.

Tip #2 : Documentations

If you along with your partner and the guests are travelling from another country, please make ensure without fail that the visa and other relevant travel documents of your partner, yours and all the others in the guest list are in proper place and shape and the tickets and staying arrangements are strictly on place.

Tip #3 : Oversee the Catering Arrangements

It is of utmost importance to check beforehand the food, wedding cake and drinks arrangement in order to avoid any sort of awkward moments and misunderstanding. It is the couple’s duty to look that the appetite of the guests are well taken care of.

Tip #4 : Dress Rehearsal

To make your beach wedding a success, please ensure for both you and your partner to prepare and rehearse your speech for the wedding. If possible, arrange for a stage rehearsal for the wedding which will ease the nervousness from both you and your partner. Also ensure that both of your wedding attires are properly fitted prior to the wedding.

Tip #5 : Set Back and Relax

The most important one comes in the last! Amidst of all the hussle-bussles, please make sure to get some private me time with your partner as well as with your friends to celebrate and enjoy the last few days of your life as bachelors before you are officially pronounced as husband and wife.