Milan is well known for excellent wining and dining and is home for many world renowned fashion brands like Gucci, Versace, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada.

It is considered the second largest and fashionable city in Italy and rightly so as it is home of international fashion. Though Milan offers some exciting architectural sightseeing spots like the Peerless La Scala Opera House, The Castello Sforzesco and the wall painting by Leonardo da Vinci- The Last Supper etc, it is basically home for Italy’s major industries and so have a low turnout of tourists.

Hotels in Milano are located in the heart of the city and cater world class services including all major amenities. The luxury Hotels in Milano have imposing entrance adorned with crystal Chandeliers, fine marbles and mirrors, that it is a treat for eyes by itself. They provide all services like broadband facilities, large bathrooms with all modern fixtures, safe deposit box, air-conditioning with individual climate control, multi – line telephone etc. Milan avails unrivalled choice of accommodation ranging from modest style lodgings to most luxurious hotels to fit budgets of one and all.

Milano Restaurants are something to remember forever. It has ATM’s moving restaurant set in city’s finest historic tram cars. One can enjoy an exclusive three- course dinner while weaving in and out of the enchanting city by night. It is a classy and sophisticated experience by itself. There is no shortage of high–end dining in Milan. Some of the Milano restaurants are open till the wee hours in the morning for tourists and visitors looking for early morning snack. The food is just exquisite and increases value of Italian cuisine in every aspect. The canal side Cafes and restaurants brings in the feeling of romance and peace. Some of all time favorites available are Risotto alla Milanese, Cassouella, Milanese Cutlet etc.

Banks in Milano are there to help tourist withdraw money from ATMs. These are quite reliable and anybody traveling to Milan can depend on the banks in Milano for their emergency needs. Milan is a great place to visit when one is looking for relaxation. The river banks of Navigli in Milan provide the best place to chill with sparkling clear blue water with brightly colored boats. One can look for best deals on hotels, restaurants and shopping etc in Milan on the website and plan the visit accordingly.