Thinking about Madrid, Spain invokes the thought of an amazing diversified place rich in its heritage and culture and is known for its passion for sports that is soccer it is.

Madrid is the capital city and the largest populous one in Spain and is the hub of political, business, economic and cultural activities of Spain. It is also popular among the tourists and is filled with visitors across the world year round.

Madrid is considered as a hip and happening city to be in and there are a lots of funny and exciting things to do here.

In this article, we will have a look in those top 15 exciting things to do in Madrid, Spain.

  1. Enjoy Outdoor activities:Parque Del buen riteo is the best and most famous park in the whole of Madrid and is known for its outdoor activity favorite place and scenic beauty. With a stunning boating lake, the park is a popular place to hang outduring the summers and a place not to be missed while you are in Madrid.
  2. The Royal Madrid Palace:The royal Palacio is the largest royal palace not only in Europe but in the whole world. Visiting the Royal Madrid palace is one of the top things one should indulge in while being in Madrid. The palace with around 3000 rooms has been the residence for the royal family of Spain for years and now it is open to the public year round to visit.
  3. Museums: Madrid can also be called as the city of museums and visiting few of them if not all can be a good idea to do here in Madrid. Some of the museums here in Madrid which is both fun and exciting to visit are-Madrid’s bullfighting museum, the museum of Public arts, etc.
  4. Watch Bullfighting: If you are in Madrid during the season, which is anytime between March and October,then it’s perfect to watch bullfight and this is one thing that is not to be missed while you are in Madrid during the season.
  5. Plaza Mayor: Spending quality time at the Plaza Mayor also known as the Madrid square is the center of attraction of all the activities that goes on in the Madrid City. Starting from bullfighting, shops, restaurants, movies, you will find everything here in one place and it is up to you how to enjoy the place.
  6. Visit and enjoy the city’s tropical botanical garden situated just beside Madrid’s famous Atocha railway station.
  7. Chill out at the Plaza de espana. This place is breathtakingly beautiful and have a fountain, lake small beach and a mountain range to look at.
  8. Templo De Abode- Yes, this is a place within the Madrid city, where you will get the essence and vibes of the by gone era of the Ancient Egyptian civilization.
  9. Indulge in delicious Spanish cuisine.
  10. Go shopping for some of the finest apparels and fashion accessories.
  11. Visit Anden the old metro railway station of Madrid, Spain
  12. Visit the neighborhood of Lavapei where one can indulge in the cuisines around the world.
  13. Make a visit to La Zarzuela-a beautiful 19th century theater.
  14. Mercado De San Miguel- an old traditional Spanish marketplace where all sort of items from groceries to food items to spices can be found and purchased at a lower price starting from a price as lower as 1 Euro.
  15. Go sightseeing on your own. Either hire a bike or opt for the public transport system of Madrid. You can also get information about Madrid city tour at