When setting out on holiday it is important to remember all the little things. The keys, the travel documents, and the children; everything needs to be accounted for. After all the planning for an exotic location that people make something that many often forget is the trip to the airport itself. Luckily there are a number of easy options are available to the traveler.

Drive a Car

The first option many people consider would be to simply drive their own car to the airport. This allows the traveler to pack as they like and leave when they wish. Once they arrive at the airport they will then have to store the car in provided parking. For many people this is the easiest solution. It does have downsides. It sometimes isn’t the least expensive. Lot fees can add up over a long holiday. A car left parked in a public space may also be damaged or robbed. There is also the matter of luggage. If one has a smaller car everything might not fit in easily.

Hire a Coach

Hiring a coach is an option that works well for many people. Most companies allow a traveler to book coach tickets in advance. This saves a lot of last minute worry and trouble. A booked coach will simply show up at the correct time and take everyone to the airport. For most trips the costs will be reasonable. Longer trips may cost more. A person who has a lot of luggage or a very large family may run into the need to book two coaches to make the trip. The other coach risks include an overbooked service or the drivers running late. These rarely happen, but one might miss their flight.

Take an Airport Taxi

Airport taxis are another option. The airport provides these services directly to flyers. The fees will vary depending on your travel date, how far in advance you book, and how far the taxi must go. If you have left this part of your trip to the last second, then the taxi might be a great option. This is not generally your least expensive option but there are many advantages to choosing a taxi. With a taxi you can arrive at the airport 2 hours before as the advised time, a train or bus may have to run on a timetable. Although cost might be a big part of your choice when selecting a taxi, you can arrive at the airport without having to worry about airport parking or making your way from the bus / train station which is particuarlly handy for more remote airports. Taxis will often drive right to the gate. Those with children or a load of luggage will find this a blessing.

Often you will find taxi companies that specialise in airport transfers, one of these is A Taxis of Bristol who provide a wide range of tariffs in the area for nearly all of the UK’s central and South West airports. If you book in advance you can get a fixed fee so you know exactly what you’re paying. The company will be able to keep your luggage in the back and should you wish to book a return flight they will also be able to track your flight online.

Take a Train

Trains can often be a frugal option for the airport traveler. Nearly every airport features a nearby terminal, making the last transfer easy. The rail system is easy to plan the beginning of one’s trip around since the trains run at regular times. The train may not offer the fastest of trips. Nor may it be the easiest when traveling with many pieces of luggage. Some people may need to make several connections to get from home to the airport.