Maryland’s Ocean City is regarded as the world’s white marlin capital, and for good reason, too. Nevertheless, for surf fishermen as well as for those that have a preference to ply the local coastal bays, understand that the city is home to far more than just white marlin.

For inshore, offshore, and for deep-sea fishing, there are a handful marinas in the city that provide charter fleets. There are around 90 boats designated with the task, all of which have captains that are U.S. Coast Guard licensed, to be found here.

The majority of boats will take up to six passengers at a time. A half-day excursion onto the ocean is priced at around $400 and upwards, while full-day excursions can be had for around $1,000. Overnight trips, and you’re looking to pay something between $2,000 and $3,000.

For Ocean City’s major marinas where the bulk of the privatized fishing fleet are to be found, head to any of the following:

  • Bahia Marina off Herring Way, which offers 25- to 50-foot fishing vessels
  • Fisherman’s Marina off Sunset Avenue at West Ocean City
  • Ocean City Fishing Center on Inlet Isle Lane
  • Sunset Marina on Sunset Avenue at West Ocean City
  • Talbot Street Pier off Talbot Street

Do bring along plenty of food, a sunhat, sunglasses, in addition to some sunblock. A must is rubber-soled footwear, and if rain is on the forecast, don’t forget to carry a light rain jacket. If the captain does a good job, and these guys do know exactly what they are doing, then by all means provide him with a tip. Normal tipping rate is nothing short of 15 percent.

If you have a preference for remaining on shore, opting for surf fishing at any locale along the length of Ocean City’s 10 miles’ worth of coastline can get you bluefish, flounder, kingfish, and sea trout. Bear in mind that though surf fishing is permissible in Ocean City, you must stick to fishing hours of between 9am and 6 in the evening. What’s more, you must remain at a minimum of 50 yards distant from persons on the beach and from bathers.

The powers that be on Assateague Island permit surf fishing, too. However, there are some surfing zones and guarded beaches that it’s not accepted practice.

If you prefer bay fishing, then the bays persistently are awash with flounder, striped bass, sea trout bluefish, croaker, and blue crab. If you’d prefer to fish from Oceanic Pier, there’s a small fee imposed for the pleasure. Oceanic Pier is located near the inlet and just off Philadelphia Avenue – at the south end. It’s an ideal locale to catch bluefish, flounder, trout, and also blue crab.

There are a couple of “License Free” spots for fishing in Ocean City, which includes the Bulkhead – located between 2nd and 4th Streets, and Northside Park at Chicago Ave. and 125th St.; Northside Park is a town-owned pier. For every other venue, anglers do require a Tidal Fishing License so as to partake in the pleasure.

Some other areas for fishing that are designated as “free” but do require a license so are not entirely free, include the bridge on U.S. Route 50, the Ocean City Inlet, the public bay bulkhead which is at the rear of Ocean City Convention Center over on 40th St., 9th St. Pier, and the Isle of Wight which is on 62nd St.

For launches for public boats, head to Gum Point Road which is just off U.S. Route 589, West Ocean City; and also at Ocean City Commercial Harbor just off Sunset Ave., West Ocean City; and at Assateague Island Park, just off U.S. Route 611.

If you require a mapped layout of the public ramps located in Worcester County, you can retrieve one from

Thetrailer parking at 100th St. Municipal Parking Lot is available free of charge. On the other hand, small boats may be rented from a variety of Ocean City vendors. For fishing at/ in the coastal bays, a fishing license is a requirement, unless you’re utilizing a private boat that comes with a license of a consolidated nature or you are fishing from a hired boat.

For precise fishing regulations as well as information about licenses, both of which are relatively complex, you can find out more at

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