Of all the cities in Australia, Perth stands out as a place geographically and spiritually apart. Even a quick glance at a map will tell you that Perth must offer something unique and truly special. For the traveller and tourist, Perth hands you a destination like no other. It is the only Australian city on the Indian Ocean, and that in itself lends it an air of mystery and adventure.

But Perth has simply invented itself as the quintessential Australian city. It is a place full of character and charm. Perth will give you a wonderful friendly welcome and a unique down under experience. Here are some ways to make the most of this vibrant independent and colourful city.

Cosmopolitan Perth

Perhaps because of its remote location Perth has had to foster and build a spirit of independence and cheeky character. This is no backwater city, however. Perth had managed to make itself into a vibrant and modern hub. That independent spirit means that on all levels, the city combines its historic charm with all the best of a modern metropolis. Wolf Lane, for example, is the place to stroll and find funky cafes and small characterful boutiques. Perth takes great pride in its heritage and does vintage spectacularly well. Leederville’s Oxford Street is a great place to browse and get a real sense of the past. If you prefer the up to date and modern the a trip to Northbridge will bring you face to face with all the designer shops you could want. Everywhere you go there are great cafes and mouthwatering menus in some cutting edge restaurants.

Experience The Real Australia

When you are thinking about booking your Australia holiday, you’ll want to get the most from your experience. Including Perth in that itinerary will give you the chance to be somewhere that will give you a real Australian adventure. For many that will include the outback and the stunning scenery. It will also include the beach. Perth has some of the best in Australia. The beautiful climate and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean ensure that whatever you want, you will find it here. There is serious surf at Trigg and North Beaches. Scarborough is the quintessential beachside town. Cottesloe beach with its shady Norfolk Pines is a great place for a picnic.

You can truly appreciate the magic of legendary Perth sunsets from anywhere along the coast. Boat charters can be fun ways to get out onto the water with friends and colleagues. They offer a different way to see the city as well as a great way to get out to nearby islands. Rottenest, for example, is a brilliant place for snorkeling. You could indulge in some serious fishing or simply enjoy a swim.



Perth Has It All

Perth is surrounded by famous wineries and vineyards. You can book a tour or enjoy taking your time on a cycling trip. Experience hot air ballooning, V8 racing, off-road driving and aerobatic flying. It seems that Perth can offer you new ways to see to Australia and experience it. Above all Perth is a hospitable and welcoming city and a personable place that you will never forget.