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Meat Dishes in Rajasthani Cuisine

The vast subcontinent of India has a variety of cuisines as well as cultures, all with their own cooking methods and blends of ingredients. If you are floored by the beauty of Rajasthan with its luxurious palaces and amazing art, now is your chance to get awed with its delicacies. Perhaps some of the most varied techniques are used while preparing Rajasthani cuisine in India. The dry weather, limited availability of water has deeply affected the cooking process. The shortage of fresh green vegetables and water have meant Rajasthanis to create delectable dishes using lentils, gram flour, sugar, dried red chillies, nuts and vinegar.

Although much of the food prepared by the Hindus in Rajasthan is vegetarian; some also enjoy cooking with meat, in particular with pork and chicken. Meat dishes are seen as a speciality in Rajasthani cooking. Due to the arid climate, water is often replaced in cooking with clarified butter, milk or buttermilk. The use of these rich and lavish ingredients when cooking meat has given Rajasthan its title: “the state of the princes”.

Safed Maas is a very popular meat dish in Rajasthan, and refers to cooking meat in a white sauce; “safed” means white, and “maas” means meat. It is usually made with boneless lamb, which is washed, blanched and cooked with spices. Khoya (an ingredient widely used in Indian cuisine, similar to ricotta cheese but made of thickened milk or dried whole milk) and ground nuts are then added, which gives it a very rich and creamy sauce.


Another typical meat dish from Rajasthan is Khad Khargosh. This exotic dish is made with wild hare, which is covered in masalas, stuffed with kheema, wrapped in dough and cooked underground. Game pickles are very popular in Rajasthan, often considered an essential component in completing a meal. Traditional wild boar pickles, known as Saanth Ro Achaar, are made using every part of the animal, and combined with a Rajasthani liqueur made from venison offal, known as ‘Kesat Kasturi’. Rajasthani pickle recipes usually involved marinating and wind-drying before the pickling process, although some wild boar pickles can be made using fresh meat.

‘Laal Maans’ is yet another meat preparation from Rajasthan which is based on mutton dipped in curd and chilli gravy, which can be both thick as well as light. Usually, it is very tasty, yet hot and rich in garlic. ‘Laal Maans’ is mostly eaten with chapattis.

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There are many curry houses in London that fail to show non-vegetarian Indian dishes at their full potential; meat within these kinds of curries can often be bland and chewy. The Real Indian Food Company, however, showcases regional cooking techniques (in their three fine dining Indian restaurants and seven brasseries around London) to produce tender and delicious meat cooked in spices that will awaken the senses. Amaya, for example, specialise in age-old traditions when cooking their high-quality meat: Sigri (cooking over a coal flame), Tandoor (a very hot clay oven), and Tawa (searing and griddling on a hot plate).

How To Keep Yourself Healthy Through Travels

Many people are required to travel most of the times of the month for business purposes and projects. During these tours, they tend to forget the basic requirement of their physical health, which is proper nutrient. Every person in this world works for the sole purpose of living. Food constitutes an important part every person’s living and therefore, it is quite essential for a person to maintain healthy food habits even when travelling.

Through surveys it has been found that most of the travelers face huge problems in carrying food items through their journey. Generally, a complete meal is required to include all the essential vitamins and minerals along with rightly balanced carbohydrates and proteins. However, in reality, it is usually becomes quite tiring to include all healthy food items in your luggage. It has also been found that many people tend to forget or skip their meals due to shortage of time.

Home Made

Sometimes, it is better to carry homemade food items than junk foods. If you have children in the family, then it is essential for you to carry fruits and food items that would create less mess through your travel.

If your journey is small, then you can easily replace milk with boiled eggs and can even carry wholesome lunch and dinner. However, in most cases, the traveler feels reluctant to cook food items prior to and during travel, as they prefer to enjoy while travelling than to worry about cooking food.

Nuts and Fruits

In situations, where you are supposed to travel for long distances, you will be required to carry small and preservative free food items. These foods will also need to be extremely nutritious to match up to the nutrient value of your daily meals. Nuts and fruits are considered to be the best resource of valuable nutrients. They are not only rich in nutrients, but also help you to remain active through the journey.

Nuts are considered to be among the most favorite food items in the world. They are easily digestible and amazingly delicious. They are rich in oil and this makes them great a source of energy. There are websites who sell nut packages, exclusively designed for travelers. These travel food packages have been carefully planned to include different kinds of nuts to make every bite nutritious.

These food packages are easy to carry even when you are hiking through mountains or when you are riding cycles through cliffy roads. These packages seal the freshness of the nuts for a very long time and thus keep them crunchy and scrumptious for your hungry travelling soul.



Apart from nuts, you can also opt for dry fruits, which are also considered to be healthy food supplement. Dry fruit packages are readily available in e-commerce sites. However, it is important for you to understand that not all the sites are reliable for food packages. First, you will need to go through many user reviews of nut packaging websites. Soon after analyzing these reviews, you will be able to choose the best website for buying that wonderful travel nut package for your journey.